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I had the privilege to visit the National Museum of the American Indian along the Capital Mall in Washington D.C. During my short stay in Washington I visited the NMAI several times, each time having lunch at the cafeteria there. The NMAI has a wonderful collection of Peace Medals given to chiefs to help solidify […]

We Know So Much

“Our songs are so short because we know so much.” I always liked that line and often repeat it myself. I don’t know where I picked it up but I recently found out that this was the response of an Inuit woman to an anthropologist. Along this lines Chief Joseph said, “It does not require […]

KnowledgePath Book List

Upon their arrival, the Spanish burned all but a few of the sacred books compiled by the Maya, Zapotec, Aztecs, and other tribes. But in a twist of irony, it is through Spanish authors that we first read about the splendors of the Pre-Hispanic world here in the Amerícas. No person embodies this irony more […]


In the previous entry I wrote about how I had subscribed to the Amerícas, a magazine published by the Organization of American States. I whole heartily recommend this magazine to anyone interested in indigenous and mestizo heritage of the Americas. The two issues that I have, June and October, had articles on Monte Alban in […]

Native Identity

Who is a Native American? Thinking outside the box, the United States, when I say Native American I include the indigenous peoples of Latin American. But the question still remains the same, who is a Native American? I have seen two distinct articles from two very different magazines touch on this topic recently. The September […]

Mountaintop Ancestors

I recently subscribed to Amerícas, published by the Organization of American States. The October issue of Américas has great article …