I had the privilege to visit the National Museum of the American Indian along the Capital Mall in Washington D.C. During my short stay in Washington I visited the NMAI several times, each time having lunch at the cafeteria there. The NMAI has a wonderful collection of Peace Medals given to chiefs to help solidify peace treaty that would too soon be broken. I love the sculpture of Allan Houser displayed there. Allan Houser is my favorite sculptor and in my mind he is the Native American Michelangelo. The patterns found in the Acoma pottery are the type of visuals that I have tried to achieve with computer graphics. The Nation Air and Space Museum used to be my favorite museum, but now with the recent opening of the National Museum of the American Indian, it is not even a close second. If you are ever in the area, stop by the NMAI to see there great collection and have some nice Indian taco and buffalo burger for lunch.

Speaking of Indian tacos, all tacos are Indian. The tacos you get at a Mexican taquería are based on the tacos that Moctezuma used to eat so saying ‘Indian tacos’ is saying the same thing twice, like saying “The Le Ristorante Restaurant.” Maybe a better name would be northern style tacos.

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