Maya Mural Unearthed

Many news sites such as the New York Times are reporting what archaeologists are toting as the earliest discovered Maya mural. The mural, partially discovered in 2001 and unearthed this month is thought to date to 100 B.C. but I am sure the Maya date it using the long count. The New York Times article Earliest Known Maya Painting Found a quotes press release from the National Geographic Society:

The mural shows that early Maya painting had achieved a high level of sophistication and grace well before the great works of the Classic Maya in the seventh century.

There is a short video of the mural at The Daily Glyph that reveals a fragment of this wonderful find. From what I could tell the mural depicts a king wearing a beautiful headdress and offering blood sacrifice. To the right of the king there stands the false sun Seven Macaw sitting on top what I think is the World Tree. I have no credentials in Maya archeology so I could be totally off the mark. You can try to decipher the mural yourself by checking out the hi-res image located at Mesoweb. I read one blog quote that this is the “Sistine Chapel of the Maya.” The mural is located near San Bartolo in the lowlands of the Peten region of Guatemala.

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