Monthly Archives: February 2006


I don’t know what I dreamt about last night, but fragments of my dream lingered until I wrote down what I could remember. You could go through a sundance without moving, you could go through a purification rite in the sweat lodge of your heart, you could pass the sacred pipe among your thoughts, and […]

Language Barrier

I read some rant online about an Indian that was mad that he was asked if he spoke Indian. He was upset at the question because he speaks Hindi, and there is no such thing as an Indian language. I was amused when an Indian ask me if I spoke Mexican, as there is no […]


The next movie from acclaimed director Mel Gibson will be set in the ancient Mayan civilization. The teaser does not reveal much and I can’t find the storyline anywhere online. Variety covers mostly the finance of the film which Gibson is banking himself. What I have found out is that Apocalypto is being filmed in […]