The next movie from acclaimed director Mel Gibson will be set in the ancient Mayan civilization. The teaser does not reveal much and I can’t find the storyline anywhere online. Variety covers mostly the finance of the film which Gibson is banking himself. What I have found out is that Apocalypto is being filmed in southern Veracruz in the vicinity of Catemaco. According to the official website for the movie, the Greek titled movie, Apocalypto, is about ‘a perilous journey to a world ruled by fear and oppression where a harrowing end awaits him.’ I could only speculate as to what the title means. Is this the story of Kukulcan, Pacal, or some other Maya king of mythological proportions? The film is scheduled for Summer 2006 release. I for one am glad that a film set in the ancient Mayan culture is produced with a Hollywood directory and budget. I can’t wait for its release.

The New World starring Colin Farrell is playing now. The New World is based on the highly anglicized and romanticized story of Pocahontas. The New World has been receiving a lot of positive must-see reviews. The New World should be a great movie to see. I haven’t seen it yet but know the ending, that first contact lead to the American Holocaust. An estimated 90% of the Native American population living in ‘The New World’ died to guns, germs, and steel after their first contact with Europeans.

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