Monthly Archives: April 2006

Divine And Human

The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. is hosting an exhibit tittled Divine and Human: Women in Ancient Mexico and Peru. You have one more month to catch the exhibit as it is scheduled to run through May 28, 2006. From the official NMWA website: Divine and Human brings together 400 […]

Oldest Portrait Of A Maya Woman

Near the city of Naachtun in Guatemala the earliest depiction of a Maya woman was found in a stelae, a large carved block of stone. At this point it is unknown if this is the portrait of a historical queen or that of a female deity. What is known is that her name was Ix […]

In Solidarity

BlogMouth, a partner and supporter of this site, recently posted We Are All Immigrants and La Gran Marcha 2006 in support of all immigrants in the recent wave of anti-immigration legislation. In solidarity which those articles I wanted to express the following: Many Native American histories are filled with migration stories. Perhaps the most famous […]