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BlogMouth, a partner and supporter of this site, recently posted We Are All Immigrants and La Gran Marcha 2006 in support of all immigrants in the recent wave of anti-immigration legislation. In solidarity which those articles I wanted to express the following:

Many Native American histories are filled with migration stories. Perhaps the most famous migration story is that of the ancient Aztec. The Aztec record how they migrated from Aztlan, located somewhere in the American Southwest, to the Valley of Mexico.

The Hopi also have migration stories depicting their journey across the North American landscape. When the Hopi arrived to current Fourth World they traveled from the back door in the cold arctic zone in Canada to the hot tropics of Mexico and Central America finally settling near Oraibi. The Hopi migration story tells that the Hopi Parrot Clan began their migration far to the south and founded pueblos in Mexico; some believe that Casas Grandes in Chihuahua, Mexico might be Palatkwapi, the Hopi Red City.

Unfortunately force migration such as the Trail of Tears has also been an integral part of Native American history. In 1838 thousands of Cherokees were force to relocate to Oklahoma some 1,200 miles away from their ancestral lands in Georgia and Tennessee. Along the long march an estimated 4,000 Cherokees died. In todays anti-immigrant rhetoric some mask their bigotry by arguing that since undocumented immigrants broke the law by entering the United States without proper documentation they should forcibly be removed from their homes, families, and jobs.

The Trail of Tears is generally considered to be one of the most regrettable episodes in American history. To commemorate the event, the U.S. Congress designated the Trail Of Tears National Historic Trail in 1987. It stretches for 2,200 miles across nine states.

The massive removal of Cherokees from their land was in compliance with law, the Indian Removal Act of 1830. HR 4437 intends to remove ‘undocumented’ immigrants in such a way. We cannot sit back and see history repeat itself again.

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