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Aztec Tax Records Revealed

Scientists recently figured out tribute calculations from two ancient codices from between A.D. 1540 and 1544. The codices are from the town of Tepetlaoztoc. The codices record the number of tribute that each household required to pay depending on a number of variables that included the amount of land owned, the type of soil, etc.

DNA from Pre-Clovis Human Coprolites

New evidence establishes the earliest date where people lived in North America. 14,000 year old Coprolites, fossilize doodoo, was recently discovered in the Paisley Caves in the Cascade Range of Oregon. From the New York Times article reporting on the new findings… the specimens preserved 14,000-year-old human protein and DNA, which the discoverers said was […]

Oldest Gunshot Victim in the New World

National Geographic is reporting the remains off the oldest gunshot victim found in the New World. The remains are that of an Inca warrior who has a musket ball entry wound in to the top on his skull. The remains where found with those of many other Inca remains. All the remains in the burial […]

Divine And Human

The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. is hosting an exhibit tittled Divine and Human: Women in Ancient Mexico and Peru. You have one more month to catch the exhibit as it is scheduled to run through May 28, 2006. From the official NMWA website: Divine and Human brings together 400 […]

Oldest Portrait Of A Maya Woman

Near the city of Naachtun in Guatemala the earliest depiction of a Maya woman was found in a stelae, a large carved block of stone. At this point it is unknown if this is the portrait of a historical queen or that of a female deity. What is known is that her name was Ix […]

In Solidarity

BlogMouth, a partner and supporter of this site, recently posted We Are All Immigrants and La Gran Marcha 2006 in support of all immigrants in the recent wave of anti-immigration legislation. In solidarity which those articles I wanted to express the following: Many Native American histories are filled with migration stories. Perhaps the most famous […]

Guns, Germs, And Steel In America

I recently read The New York Times bestseller Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond and found it a good read. Diamond points out that the reason that the 100 or so conquistadors defeated thousands of imperial guards at Cuzco, and not 100 Inca defeating thousands of imperial guards at Cajamarca, was simply because of […]


I don’t know what I dreamt about last night, but fragments of my dream lingered until I wrote down what I could remember. You could go through a sundance without moving, you could go through a purification rite in the sweat lodge of your heart, you could pass the sacred pipe among your thoughts, and […]

Language Barrier

I read some rant online about an Indian that was mad that he was asked if he spoke Indian. He was upset at the question because he speaks Hindi, and there is no such thing as an Indian language. I was amused when an Indian ask me if I spoke Mexican, as there is no […]


The next movie from acclaimed director Mel Gibson will be set in the ancient Mayan civilization. The teaser does not reveal much and I can’t find the storyline anywhere online. Variety covers mostly the finance of the film which Gibson is banking himself. What I have found out is that Apocalypto is being filmed in […]