I think the term warpath is so cliché. “The chief is on the warpath today.” You would think that this is a line from a bad western movie. In actuality, this sentence is used to help describe usage of the word warpath on an online dictionary. I think that I have mostly heard this word when speaking about Native American tribes. You could look up online forums for different NFL teams which use the image and likeness of a Native Americans as their mascots and will find the use of the word warpath in their domain name. Native Americans are not perpetually on the warpath. It has been the United States government that has been continually and consistently on the warpath. I would use the word warpath in a sentence as follows: “The American president is again on the warpath.” This journal, Knowledgepath, will highlight not the stereotypes and clichés but the sacred wisdom of Native Americans. Join me in this journey along the sacred red road.